The Most Cluttered Day of the Year

26 12 2009

I think the day after Christmas has to win the prize on this one. Even the normally “neat” areas of our house are just a crazed jumble of boxes, presents, wrapping paper, STUFF! There is stuff everywhere. I’ve finally hit my low point (or high point, of piles!) and am SO READY to tackle this. And even though we had one of the nicest Christmases ever, I am so relieved it is over and I can just DEAL. I am thrilled that my schedule is pretty empty this coming week, and we have no plans to travel, so I am just going to spend it trying to find my way out of these piles.

I almost had some mini (and maxi) meltdowns this past week. The things I couldn’t find (which I’m updating on Twitter) really threatened to send me into a very dark spirally self-loathing place. STILL can’t find my Mastercard, but I was reluctant to cancel it because 1) I know it’s LOST and not stolen, 2) I really needed it for online shopping for the holidays. But I may have to break down.

Lost my work keys. This is so bad.  I have a bright orange lanyard thing (SO I WOULDN’T LOSE IT) which has keys to two separate work sites. It is a huge, huge deal to obtain these keys (it took MONTHS) and if  I lost them it will be a very very very bad thing. I HAVE TO FIND THEM.

Lost my ankle brace, so had to do stupid modified workout. Happily, it showed up yesterday, in the guest room.

I’m actually pretty proud that I think I did not “lose” any Christmas gifts this year.  This happens to me every year: I buy stuff, then “hide” it but I hide it so well from myself, I do not find it in time for Christmas. I think I managed to give all my gifts this year! But how sad is it that this is like some big victory.

My declutter partner is returning midweek. I cannot wait for her to get back. I’m desperate, in fact. And I’m getting as much of a head start as I can before she arrives. For one thing, I have to do my homework from last week.

How do the rest of you deal with post-Christmas clutter? Do you have a method? A plan? Tell me, please!!


OMG! My first “After” Pic!!!

19 12 2009

Some wise people say, all you need to do is to set an Intention to get things moving into place. I’m finding this is so true. It was only two days ago that I started this blog. Yesterday that I met with my decluttering partner for the first time. And today, I felt a great shift inside me.

I was standing in my awfully cluttered bathroom, surrounded by a ridiculous number of containers and products. And this terribly ugly, empty, nonfunctioning stone zen fountain thing.  That I had asked for for Christmas like SEVEN years ago, because I thought it would be lovely and restful. Well, it wasn’t. The sound of the gurgling fountain sounded a lot like someone was perpetually peeing. Soon I turned it off and the water evaporated and it just became this big heavy ugly plastic bowl o’stones. BUT I could not give it away or throw it away because it had been a Gift from my Loved Ones. (does this sound familiar anybody???)

Somehow this morning, it felt like getting rid of this dumb fountain was the catalyst I needed. I picked it up and put it on the floor. And suddenly the rest of the countertop almost cleaned itself. I swear. Suddenly I realized (??!?!?) that I have about eight DRAWERS in this bathroom and a huge under the sink cabinet as well. I could even ORGANIZE my multitude of products into: makeup, hair stuff, eye stuff, medicine stuff, etc. Which took me about TEN MINUTES to do, once that dreaded fountain got out of there. Now every drawer is not in the most pristine shape, and could probably use some micro-organizing, but… STILL.