Christmas Cookie Meltdown

19 12 2009

OK people, fresh off the victory of my pretty bathroom counter, I am now about to crash and burn. But this is a PERFECT example of the madness that will come from a cluttered life.

So. I’ll go waaaaaaay back to the beginning, to my lovely childhood in a hamlet in New Jersey, where our jolly neighbor Mrs. Kiesselbach would gift us with this incredible plate of buttery spritz cookies each year. We LIVED for these cookies. So beautiful and perfect and delicious. Imagine my delight when I reached adulthood and realized I could purchase this nifty contraption and make them myself. (Mrs. K was long gone by then)

I bought a fancy metal imported cookie press. I made spritz cookies which awed and delighted my loved ones. (and me, too) But then one year the little metal ring that holds the cookie mold forms onto the tube went missing.

You can’t make the cookies without the little metal ring.

I really wanted to make the cookies again. But I did not want to spend big bucks on a whole other fancy metal contraption. So I bought a cheaper plastic version. I made cookies.

You can guess what happened: THAT ring went missing, too.

You an see the photos. We also have these beautiful metal rosette forms for making these dip-and-fry snowflake and tree cookies that melt in your mouth and are so delicate and amazing. But guess what? THOSE forms, which I have managed to save since my high school days, came with a little metal stick with a wooden handle knob on the hand.  The stick screws into the form so that you don’t burn your fingers in the hot oil.

Can’t make those kind of cookies, either. And, we have been invited to a holiday cookie exchange party TOMORROW, which I was so excited about. Until now.

Now, I KNOW there are other cookies I can make that require nothing more than a bowl and a metal sheet. But that isn’t the point. The point is that I am so completely MADDENED by the absence of these small essential items, that render the entire collection of baking things USELESS, that I could jump off the roof. But I won’t.

But this very thing is what is emblematic of my Problem. It isn’t 100% about aesthetics, it’s about many aspects of my life NOT WORKING because I can’t find some stupid thing.

It’s ALMOST functional. But not. We keep all the baking things together in one special baking cabinet. The cookie cutters, and sprinkles and food coloring and other fancy stuff all stays together. So in that way, I know where the stuff is at least SUPPOSED to be. But then these small things go missing and the whole thing is shot to hell.

This is one of the functions of many people living together. AND we are fortunate enough to have someone who helps us clean once a week. (I can only imagine the sheer horror if that was not the case) But what happens is, these little things go in the dishwasher or the sink, and then Someone (I am not pointing fingers, it could be ANY of us) sees this random piece of plastic or metal and has no idea what it is, and maybe it goes in some random Junk drawer, or maybe the trash. I have sifted through the junk drawer and found no cookie-press rings. I am so sad.