Lost and Found

27 02 2010

HOW long has it been since I’ve posted here? A long time. What does that mean? That I’ve fallen off the wagon? Was I ever on the wagon? Yeah, it’s that bad.

Being organized and clutterbusting is something that has always been a luxury for me, an “extra” life item that I can only attend to if I feel like I have all of my other ducks in a row. My ducks have NOT been lined up recently and so the clutterbusting efforts have all gone to hell. And back.

Yesterday I felt both a tiny bit of breathing room AND an urgency to deal with some stuff. I needed to find a couple of items so I made it my business to start looking around for some things.

I work for an organization that generates a massive quantity of paperwork. We have to send master copies to some giant corporate office that I imagine looks like the labyrinthine mess in the movie “Brazil.” Well, this week I got an email that one of my pieces of paper from early December is “missing” and that I must find it and fax it to corporate. Hahahahahahahaha! I have to say, this really got my adrenaline flowing. Because in spite of all of my good intentions, I have not ever developed a good filing or organizing system for all the papers. I did try at first, but it quickly fell apart.

But guess what!!! After about an hour of running around the house and picking up ALL the pieces of possible paper, I DID FIND IT. It wasn’t ideal. It was LUCKY. Because if I had had a system, I could just say, “Oh! December 2? Piece of cake! Here it is!” instead of sweating bullets and pulling pink papers out of various bags, boxes, piles on the floor, nooks and crannies in the car, and finally coming up with it.

Then I had to find the receipt for a gift I’d given my husband for his birthday last weekend (thank goodness it was only a week ago!) that he wanted to exchange. I THOUGHT it was in the bag I’d brought the gift home in (when they ask, do you want your receipt in the bag? I always say yes! Yes to more chaos!), but no. Not in any bags. Finally, after much panicking and self-loathing, I found the dumb receipt scrunched up in a ball at the bottom of my purse. Niiiiiiice. But I did find it.

Last thing I found was the special credit card associated with our health insurance, which I am supposed to use when making any medical purchases. It was filed in a basket of Important Papers and Items, but which I did not think to look in. DUH.

Things I have Not Yet Found:

  • Major credit card I lost in mid-December but am loathe to change because it is associated with a ton of online accounts, which I will then have to go and change. I know it isn’t lost OUTside the house because it has not been used (except for online purchases) so I know it’s somewhere inside.
  • Residential parking permit for my workplace. This is a pain because now I am paying $2/hour for parking at meters. Which is stupid since I paid $90/year for the residential permit. Ugh.
  • Armband for my Bodybugg. Which renders it useless.
  • Charger thing for my phone. Stupid.
  • Of course, a bunch of other things I can’t even remember.

So, the state of the Clutterbrained union is: could be better. Could be much, much better. But until I prioritize this, I do not think there is much hope. In the meantime, I will bumble along, losing and finding things at random. Sigh.




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27 02 2010

Update: hahahaha. Just found the Bodybugg armband AND the phone charger thing under the pile of papers and crap on my bedside table. That’s USUALLY where lost stuff ends up. Haha!

27 02 2010

Don’t give up!!! You are my inspiration. I just sorted out a chest of drawers (of course, that was clutter that only I knew about, but maybe now I can fit the clothes on the chair into the drawer. Of course my desk, my very large desk that I can’t evn use cause it is so covered, is hulking in front of me. I need an office! And filing cabnets (and a spell check! And a giant shredder.

11 03 2010

I LOVE your blog (found it thru mizfit) — and I LOVE the idea of making a list of everything I HAVEN’T found. I always forget what I’m missing, and therefore forget to keep an eye out. The present offender is my camera charger…for which I have been looking, and JUST SAW somewhere, but forgot I was looking for it! Now I don’t remember where it was. Oops…..

12 03 2010

Thanks for visiting!! Please come back. And come on over to http://www.foodfoodbodybody.wordpress.com as well!

11 03 2010
Gina Fit by 41 Maybe 42

Oh, you’re stronger than me. I’d be in a loony bin by now. Losing stuff and going on a search and rescue mission makes me obsessed. “I know it’s here SOMEWHERE!”

12 03 2010

I think I could stand to be a bit more obsessed. 😉

12 03 2010

welcome back to the blogging world…I lost 1/2 of my brain a long time ago…blogging helps that! How do you like your bodybugg? when you do the have arm band..that is?

12 03 2010

LOL! I actually do love the bodybugg when I have all the components in order. Gadgets are my weakness (I love them) but they are also my downfall because I am constantly losing the cords, the chargers, the holders, the bands, etc. I finally tried to put all my fitness gadgetry in this little wooden box by the garage door. It’s sorta helping.

12 03 2010


I wanted to get your thoughts on Slatalla’s article from yesterday’s Times. This kind of stuff is an issue for me! I am part of the sandwich generation. Still looking at a handful of boxes of my mom’s stuff that I don’t quite know what to do with… mucho stuff from another deceased, significant family member (rented a storage unit for it! – – $149.00 a month!) – but it’s in the garage and everywhere else too. Stuff of girl in college dorm and stuff from childrens’ childhoods. Then with ME Trying to second guess what they (the offspring) might want and the answer- – possibly = NONE of it! Or, …? Do I save yearbooks and nothing else? What about my mom’s yearbook? ayyiyi. I’m lost

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