I Put Some Stuff Away!!!!

28 01 2010

I know that this journey is all about little steps. I am so so overbusy these days (yes, I know, TIME the invisible clutter!) that I don’t have time for anything BUT little steps.

But I have to say, last night I did something that was SO small but SO significant I have to report on it. I’m patting myself on the back left and right.

So. I was rushing out to work. I tried on like 3 skirts and some other stuff. I was RUSHING. I left the un-worn skirts on a chair and (gulp) on the floor. I ran to work.

I came home. I was really tired. Now NORMALLY, I would take off the skirt from my body, throw it onto the pile on the chair or floor, and crawl into bed. But INSTEAD…. I:

1. took off the skirt I was wearing. Hung it on a skirt hanger!

2. PICKED UP the other skirts from the chair and floor. Hung THEM up on  skirt hangers!!! Then picked up the two pairs of tights from the floor (one I just took off, one from the trying-on period previously) and put them in the tights drawer!!

3. Went to my clothes hamper. My clothes hamper is really funny. It’s like a big basket with a lid. I never put anything (except occasionally socks and undies) IN the hamper, I just pile my worn clothes on TOP OF it until it is laundry time, “just in case” I want to wear anything again. It looks really bad.

4. Gathered up all of my “can be worn again” articles of clothing from the top of the clothes hamper, and HUNG THEM UP in the closet!!!!!! CALL THE NEW YORK TIMES!!!!! Put the truly dirty stuff INTO the hamper, and shut the lid.

5. Took off my earrings. Did NOT toss them onto my bedside table as per usual, but walked ten feet and PUT THEM in my jewelry box! EEEEEEEEE!!!

6. Put away three or four other random things that were lying around on the floor.

Did you all feel the tectonic plates moving underfoot last night?!? This was some real change, people!!

I noticed two big things WHILE I was putting stuff away last night.

1. It was not HARD to put away these things, and it did not take much time at all.

2. I felt like I was going against every fiber of my natural being.

Habits die hard. They really do. But I’m trying. I really am. And I feel like I deserve some kind of medal for that little 15 minute burst of Putting Stuff Away last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right??




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28 01 2010

Yay!! Good for you – you *do* deserve a medal! I know how pleased I feel with myself when I put stuff away instead of just flinging it down somewhere. Isn’t it pathetic how hard it is sometimes to do something that really is so easy?

I remember reading somewhere in an e-mail from FlyLady that she once asked what she calls a Born Organized friend how she managed to be so tidy and organised. Her friend’s answer was “well, it’s easy – you just pick up after yourself!”

Caitlin’s guest post on putting things away, and the reasons we don’t, rang so true for me – and really helped me get my quilting stuff re-organised and put away (well, most of it, there’s still one closet I need to sort). And I loved yours on Time Clutter. Boy, do I know Time Clutter!!

I’m cheering you along every step of the way, Susan – I started on the decluttering/reorganising last summer, fell by the way in the autumn, when TIME got in the way, and am now trying to get back on top of things, both physical and temporal clutter. This seems to be the theme for so many people this year.

29 01 2010

Yes you deserve a medal, actually 2! One for putting things away, and another for actually having places to put the stuff! (The places to put the stuff is my own BIG bugaboo). Sometimes it feels like IF ONLY everything was already organized than I could keep it that way.
I think we should have a support group, like when people lose weight or have to read a really hard book, or something.
(and did I tell you that you inspired me to clear out my closets? Which I actually did. And now have only the entire rest of the apt to go through. Sigh.)

31 01 2010

Yay for you!!! I am completely sympathetic to being crazy busy – and being crazy tired as a result this week.

For #6: I tend to wear my work pants twice between washing since I work in an office and they don’t really get that dirty in my opinion. I had a habit of hanging the pants off the side of the hamper until I wore them the second time. But then when I reached for them they’d be wrinkled and I’d kinda have the ick on them. So I changed my thinking.

Repeat after me: I’m more likely to wear that again if I fold it and put it away.

I don’t go to my hamper to get dressed. I go to my closet. So why not put the clothes I want to wear in the place I actually go to get them?

When I’m all logical with myself that way, whatever I’m thinking on usually becomes a habit pretty quickly.

13 02 2010
Christine Simiriglia

I really know the “crazy busy” kind of exhaustion that can keep you from picking things up off the floor. When I finally get in from work (late), all I want to do is take off my bra and veg. I have to have real conversations with myself to remember to put things away as I am finished with them, hang things up, put paper immediately in the recycling, etc. But I do it. If I didn’t, my entire world would quickly go to “hell in a hand basket”.

15 02 2010

Nice example of how doing something different with 10-15 minutes can make long term benefits….old habits do die hard….my desk is proof of it. Good post.

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