The Most Cluttered Day of the Year

26 12 2009

I think the day after Christmas has to win the prize on this one. Even the normally “neat” areas of our house are just a crazed jumble of boxes, presents, wrapping paper, STUFF! There is stuff everywhere. I’ve finally hit my low point (or high point, of piles!) and am SO READY to tackle this. And even though we had one of the nicest Christmases ever, I am so relieved it is over and I can just DEAL. I am thrilled that my schedule is pretty empty this coming week, and we have no plans to travel, so I am just going to spend it trying to find my way out of these piles.

I almost had some mini (and maxi) meltdowns this past week. The things I couldn’t find (which I’m updating on Twitter) really threatened to send me into a very dark spirally self-loathing place. STILL can’t find my Mastercard, but I was reluctant to cancel it because 1) I know it’s LOST and not stolen, 2) I really needed it for online shopping for the holidays. But I may have to break down.

Lost my work keys. This is so bad.  I have a bright orange lanyard thing (SO I WOULDN’T LOSE IT) which has keys to two separate work sites. It is a huge, huge deal to obtain these keys (it took MONTHS) and if  I lost them it will be a very very very bad thing. I HAVE TO FIND THEM.

Lost my ankle brace, so had to do stupid modified workout. Happily, it showed up yesterday, in the guest room.

I’m actually pretty proud that I think I did not “lose” any Christmas gifts this year.  This happens to me every year: I buy stuff, then “hide” it but I hide it so well from myself, I do not find it in time for Christmas. I think I managed to give all my gifts this year! But how sad is it that this is like some big victory.

My declutter partner is returning midweek. I cannot wait for her to get back. I’m desperate, in fact. And I’m getting as much of a head start as I can before she arrives. For one thing, I have to do my homework from last week.

How do the rest of you deal with post-Christmas clutter? Do you have a method? A plan? Tell me, please!!




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27 12 2009

I try to live by “one thing in, one thing out” year around, which is a little tough for kids at Christmas, but the boys are each picking one big thing to give away today and I’m jettisoning a bunch more. Tony’s joking that anything that’s not nailed down will wind up in a box headed toward the Goodwill or listed on Freecycle…

27 12 2009

I’ve heard of that one thing in, one thing out rule, and it’s excellent. But I know I am in a huge deficit of “things out.” That’s going to change this week!!

28 12 2009

I do feel as if you are a kindred spirit. I have had brushes with self-loathing because I couldn’t find some desperately crucial thing. I am a little better as I get older, mainly through systems, but I still lose important things fairly regularly. My keys are now huge with a bright red clippy thing I can fasten to my purse or jeans to minimize losses. I have a wall mounted recharging station for my phone and ipod, my addresses live in my top desk drawer with dire consequences for anybody that moves them. I have a Blackberry with my phone numbers and appointments. I’m trying.

What a gorgeous room, cluttered or not.

29 12 2009

oh i did totally forget about one Christmas gift that I had hidden.

I really identify with your post because I lose things all the time. Then I accuse my husband of throwing them away. But usually it’s buried under something.

Btw, the room in the pic doesn’t seem cluttered to me at all.

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