OMG! My first “After” Pic!!!

19 12 2009

Some wise people say, all you need to do is to set an Intention to get things moving into place. I’m finding this is so true. It was only two days ago that I started this blog. Yesterday that I met with my decluttering partner for the first time. And today, I felt a great shift inside me.

I was standing in my awfully cluttered bathroom, surrounded by a ridiculous number of containers and products. And this terribly ugly, empty, nonfunctioning stone zen fountain thing.  That I had asked for for Christmas like SEVEN years ago, because I thought it would be lovely and restful. Well, it wasn’t. The sound of the gurgling fountain sounded a lot like someone was perpetually peeing. Soon I turned it off and the water evaporated and it just became this big heavy ugly plastic bowl o’stones. BUT I could not give it away or throw it away because it had been a Gift from my Loved Ones. (does this sound familiar anybody???)

Somehow this morning, it felt like getting rid of this dumb fountain was the catalyst I needed. I picked it up and put it on the floor. And suddenly the rest of the countertop almost cleaned itself. I swear. Suddenly I realized (??!?!?) that I have about eight DRAWERS in this bathroom and a huge under the sink cabinet as well. I could even ORGANIZE my multitude of products into: makeup, hair stuff, eye stuff, medicine stuff, etc. Which took me about TEN MINUTES to do, once that dreaded fountain got out of there. Now every drawer is not in the most pristine shape, and could probably use some micro-organizing, but… STILL.





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19 12 2009

This looks awesome! I bet it feels great!

19 12 2009

It does. It’s a Start!

19 12 2009


That’s better!

My MIL likes to take my kids to the dollar store to buy me gifts. Which is fun for them and dear of her, but I end up with pounds of violently colored glass pebbles and apple scented candles and resin parrots that are very, very hard to throw away because my children gave them to me.

19 12 2009

Wow! I’m inspired

19 12 2009

Ok you are motivating me to get off my computer today. I think I will attack the laundry room.
You have no idea how much I personally need you to do this so I will follow, lol. I am such a follower!
I will take pics and email them to you. Off to attack the laundry room!

19 12 2009
moonduster (Becky)

Way to go! 🙂

I have an incredible amount of organizing and decluttering to do in my house. It can feel overwhelming.

19 12 2009
KCLAnderson (Karen)

Good job!! There’s something very freeing about allowing yourself to throw out (or give away). A good rule to live by: if you’re going to bring in something new, something old must go.

19 12 2009
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