Making Connections

19 12 2009

Yesterday Ito and I met up to discuss our venture of combining forces like the Wonder Twins to dedicate ourselves to organizing our homes, which are also our creative spaces.

We spent our first segment of time focusing on many thing but here are the things I was thinking about:

– As we work through this process over the next months, when will we know when we are taking too much time? For example, when we try to use freecycle or craigslist or have a yard sale vs. just taking it to salvation army and kissing it goodbye?
– what are our short and long term plans?
– what do we hope to implement as a part of our lifestyle?
– how does Ito use each space?
– what spaces does she need that are being ‘made’ in other spaces?
– creating a family organizing day and two days a year where they all pitch in and re-locate things back to where they belong.
– what are our own cycles of cleanliness? Ito’s is different because she has a family, I’m a single gal who cleans when my mom or friends are coming over.
– how did we get here?

Stuff I’m doin until we meet again:

– I’ll be reading “Organizing from the Inside Out” by Julie Morgenstern and getting ideas, tips and letting you all know what I think of it. I like already that it acknowledges that there is something standing between me and my goal of complete organizational bliss, mental roadblocks, quirks, psychological stuff, etc.

– I’ll also be doing my photographic Tour of Shame, even though we’re gonna be focusing on Ito’s house for a while first.




One response

19 12 2009

These are fantastic questions. Each worthy of a few essays, I think. But I’m going to mull on these. I especially love the one about taking so much time to figure out HOW to get rid of stuff. In fact I have a blogpost coming up on just that topic.

I am so so so glad to have your company on this journey! (as well as everyone else who is joining in virtually)

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