Tour of Shame

17 12 2009

This post is the equivalent of standing and being photographed in my underwear before embarking on a weight loss journey. It is humiliating. It is disgusting. But somehow, I feel it is necessary.  It is like those 400+pound people standing on the scale on Biggest Loser. The only way they can survive such exposure is the HOPE that things will change, and they will be different. That is my hope as well.

Welcome to my house.




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17 12 2009

Oh, I am so impressed! I think that would be almost worse for me than the underwear photos, but it is something I also need need need to do – declutter! And all your photos together make it *look* bad, but I think mine might be worse, or at least equal…

17 12 2009

Yay! Your house looks like my house! Seriously. Too much stuff, too few surfaces.

18 12 2009

You are going to be fine! After eight years of caregiving, I have finally had the time (and emotional energy) to start working through our home, formerly a victim of major neglect. It’s amazing what one month of effort has accomplished. Just tackling it room by room, has changed everything. You’ll love the difference, and the momentum, once you get going and develop your individual strategy, will amaze you!

Of course, I haven’t gone near the attic yet, where there are whole pallets of books stored in an incredible quantity of cartons. Our daughter alone owned 3,000 books at age 8 (we still have all of those and more she acquired later – I just happened to count them then for something I was writing), and every wall of our living area is already lined with bookcases filled with our (grown-up) books, so it’s not as if my challenges are over. But for the first time, I think I may actually be able to sort and cull even through the attic without risking total meltdown. I’ve got a method now, and a working rhythm now. That makes all the difference.

Go, go, go! You will love how your life changes!

18 12 2009
Hope and a New Start « Clutterbrained

[…] am feeling better already. We started this morning. She came over and I took her physically on the Tour of Shame. I gave her a tour of every nook and cranny of the house, and she took notes on a writing pad. It […]

18 12 2009

Your gonna be just fine..

19 12 2009

I so needed to feel “not alone” in this too-full-house-crap-everywhere battle today and I just happened to see your post (thanks to Facebook). Your hope gives me hope, too. Here we go!

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