I Can’t Find My Stuff

17 12 2009

First blog post of the new blog. Emotion: overwhelmed but marginally hopeful.

Problem: I have too much stuff and can’t find any of it. Almost had a breakdown this week when I could not find:

  1. our Birthday Hat (shaped like a cake with felt candles on top) which I needed to make a Bday video for a friend. Never found it.
  2. DVD of a film that filmmaker loaned me so I could publicize her work. Status: found it in a stupid and obvious place but could not “see” for days because there was so much other junk around it.
  3. book that I know I own but cannot find in the midst of 3,000 other books we own. May have to break down and buy 2nd copy. 😦
  4. Working flashlights. We do have about half a dozen broken ones.
  5. Maroon sweater. Where IS it?!?!?
  6. My mind.

I am writing this blog out of sheer desperation. Earlier this year I had similar success with a problem that also felt utterly hopeless, that I had spent years struggling with, and partially through blogging, managed to overcome it.

Tomorrow I will meet with a friend who has promised to meet with me to help deal with this issue. I am hoping she can help me on a long term basis. Thus this blog, to describe progress (I HOPE), setbacks, challenges, success? Is there any hope for me??




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17 12 2009

Boy, does this sound familiar! I intend to follow your progress and perhaps get inspired or learn a thing or two. My hunch is that you, like me, just try to do too much and then some ideas, or items, get lost in the shuffle. (Plus, when you flit from one activity to another, there isn’t time — or we don’t make the time — to straighten up from the last thing.) Also, I’m hopelessly attached to .. everything. So, there’s the clutter factor. Does it make you feel better knowing someone’s right there with you? Keep us posted and good luck!

17 12 2009

Yes, it helps that I’m not in it alone. YES YES YES to everything you said. You know, I’ve read dozens of books on this topic and somehow the books just ended up getting lost in.. hehe.. more stuff. But things have gotta change. I am DETERMINED this time.

17 12 2009

Susan – You might take a look at my friend Marilyn’s book, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys: http://www.marilynpaul.com/book.html. I’m not a big self-help book person (and I’m pretty organized, so these aren’t my issues), but I think her framework is compelling, and I know people have responded to the book extremely positively. Becca

17 12 2009
KCLAnderson (Karen)

When a room, or a corner of a room, becomes too cluttered, I rearrange it and in the process am able to rid myself of stuff. Some stuff is thrown away and some stuff is given away. And some stuff is kept. And just remember, like the other problem you overcame, a big part of overcoming this one will be loving and accepting yourself. 🙂

17 12 2009

And – oh, you know me and clutter and mess. A friend of mine actually hired someone who organizes houses, and that helped a lot. I can’t hire anyone, but am in desperate need since my significant other HATES my clutter. Can I come along on this journey with you? Actually – I cleaned out my fridge yesterday, does that count. And gave a HUGE bag of Susan’s old clothes to V. Now, am thinking of tackling my VERY overflowing desk.

And there better be hope for you , since if there is no hope for you, than I am a goner.

17 12 2009

Some how I think this is the meeting that I need.


31 12 2009

If there’s hope for me, there’s definitely hope for you too! 😉

I like your blog, you’ve got lots of neat stuff here already. I’ll definitely be back to read more!

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